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Become a Reseller

Our Reseller Module allows you to become a VoIP Provider without any hassles..

You have direct access trough our reseller program. And can create end-users of following types:

  1. Gateway client with IP authentication
  2. SIP Clients (username and password based authentication)
  3. Residential Clients (Call through clients)
  4. Callback Clients
  5. Shared Clients (same account to use from SIP Clients, Residential and Callback)
  6. Company Clients (a company can have multiple end-user accounts)
  7. Generate your own Prepaid Calling Cards

The billing system behind the reseller structure is based on separate rates sheets associated with each reseller account. The resellers can create own rate sheets for their users.

Main characteristics of the Reseller Module:

  1. Customer Self Care pages for Sign-up and sign-in.
  2. Manage your DIDs as you like. You don’t need to use our DIDs, rather you can buy it from any DID provider and configure it to use it as Calling Card or Residential Access Number, Or assign it to your customers for VoIP-In Calls. You have full control on your DIDs.
  3. Generate your own prepaid calling cards.
  4. Multiple Selling Plan offers like Monthly charges, Free Minutes or per minute basis billing.
  5. Active Calls Monitoring.
  6. Account and Profit/Loss reports.
  7. Web portal for End-User.
  8. CDRs

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