IP-Connection for your PBX and IP PBX connection.

Awantel is a fast growing telecommunication service provider in Germany. We focus on low rates, extraordinary service and best voice quality. If you are looking for a reliable VoIP provider  with high quality service, competitive rates innovative services, and flexibility, you have come to the right place at the right time!

We offer A-Z Termination Routes to all types of Carriers, Small businesses, Call Centers, Calling Card Operators, Call Shops, Independent Software Vendors developing VoIP & SMS applications and SMB’s & Enterprises, Wholesale SIP Termination for both conversational (long duration) and dialer call centers (short duration) traffic and provide support for SIP Trunk, VoIP Fax, Hosted VoIP, Call Center Predictive Dailer,  Mobile Dailer and Pc to Phone with thousands of satisfied current customers.

    Strating with us is fast & very simple.

  • We will schedule an interconnection and test account.
  • Take a benefit from Premium routes from world’s leading PTTs.
  • Write us an email with a short introduction and your requirements and contact details.

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  • Wholesale Worldwide VoIP Termination
  • CLI & Non CLI A-Z Termination
  • Retail Customer
  • Sip-Trunk
  • ACR Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Support for G711a, G711u and G729 codecs
  • Multiple Support Option

Seven Advantages of SIP Trunk Service.

An essential factor behind the implementation of SIP-Trunk-Services for businesses of different sizes, are its advantages compared to any traditional PTSN-Phone line.
The advantages, such as the cost savings, makes SIP Trunk more reliable and trustworthy for retailers and reseller than any other type of telephony. The aforementioned advantage represents just one out of many advantages of awantel-servies.Effectively a greater portion of customers chooses SIP Trunk-Provider for financial reasons. Though not all factors are considered.

When you resell SIP-Trunk-Service, you may offer these 7 main advantages. They are as  follow.

Seven Advantages of SIP Trunk Service

You may expand your Services according to your needs, so that more Trunks and Channels can be activated
to the DID within minutes; not weeks, as is the case with traditional PSTN-Telephone lines.

The administration and surveillance of the PSTN-Network is not needed with the SIP Trunk, because SIP Trunk works on your data network. Thus, it is not neccessary to install the routers consistently from new and to support two different

You can use several provider at the same time with SIP Trunks. You may use our Fail-Over-Function for your network, in
case your network connections fail.
SIP Trunk Services use DIDs (Direct Inward Dials). Every employee can have their own SIP-Service within one organization
which provides high efficiency and flexibility for your organization.
You may use local as well as national numbers, if you use a SIP-Trunking-Service. That means that you may also acquire
local numbers, from the location, in which your business is active, without headquarters in that locality. Find out more
under free inbound-SIP-Trunking-Services.
SIP-Trunk-Servcies may be used as a port of Unified Communications, instant-Messaging and videos.
Click here to download the business Sip Trunk file.