for your PBX or IP-PBX connection.

IP-PBX/ V-PBX is applicable for personal and small-medium business use, and operates as the customer’s own hosted telephony service.

IP-PBX/ V-PBX extremely useful, powerful and easy-to-use application for managing and directing incoming phone calls. This application is designed to give the user flexibility, freedom and control over how calls to their virtual numbers are handled.

Individual, flexible , scalable , integrated seamlessly into business procedures and particularly cost-effective: These are the main advantages of the telecommunication system of the future ! There’s usually no way around a direct conversation by telephone as the best way to get all the details. Awantel offers you the opportunity to express yourself broad and clear , without having to make a phone call !

  • Call Notification
  • Call handling Rules
  • Call Screening
  • Call Waiting

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  Call Transfer consultativ with advance notification blind without advance notification Einzelverbindungsnachweis je Nebenstelle.

Custromer Data Manager

Web-based data management for Sales & Contact Center Webbasierte Datenverwaltung für Vertrieb & Contact Center.


Standübergreifende Verteilung von Anrufen, E-Mail und e-Fax.

Self Service

Autom. Bearbeitung von Telefon-/Web-Anfragen im Kundendienst.


  • ACD  automatic call distribution
  • ASR automatic speech recognition
  • CITT Computer integrated telephony and telemetry
  • IVR  interactive voice response
  • ACR anonymous Call Rejection
  • MWI message waiting indicator
  • CTC click to call
  • Call Forward Variable

Did you already know, that a cloud based PBX can offer a smoothly functioning IT-Infrastructure?

When you are using a Cloud PBX, you do not need to worry about your Telephone System, because you possess a scalable, flexible and reliable BusinessTelephonesystem.

• More and more Companies experience the advantage in changing over to CloudPBX-Systems.

• The Telephone Service Provider is responsible for the care of your Cloud PBXSystem, so that you may concentrate on other sectors in your company..

• There are numerous reasons, besides the aforementioned servicing and stress-free advantages of CloudPBX, which makes CloudPBX a favourite for business professionals.