Awantel GmbH was founded in 2003. At the beginning of the new Century big cities becoming a trend CallShops, Awantel GmbH started  with Accounting System for CallShops. We also installed in 400 Location PBX in just five years.

Another product, which in the following years as the main business was International Calls to terminate. We get high demand for Internation Calls Service.

December 2004/ Early in 2005
has been asquired Backbone Switch.
The Switch are in Equinix Frankfurt/Germany.
The Support and real time tracking of Connection is in Ludwigshafen Office.

In Dezember 2005

Cisco Gateways System was applied, which Awantel GmbH has etablish worldwide Telecommunication connections via Voice over IP.

In 2007

„Callthrough“ product was introduced on the german-market.

In 2012/2013

Awantel GmbH are in the International Wholesale Carrier Service.
The core business are termination of international Calls.
Since that time we got interconneted with national / international Telecommunication company.
There were also contract with popular national Telecommunication companies.

In 2014

We developed a SMS mass mailing programm for B2C and B2B.

 In 2015

Awantel launched self-developed Cloud based IPPBX System with new product name of „SipKonto“.
It has many feature like automatic call distribution, call forwarding or call on hold. The possibility of system is individually configured.
Unternehmen, das sie umwirbt, individuell konfiguriert. The IPPBX is Cloud based no more hardware installtion and configuration.
Trouble and problem can be solved directly online ­ „Such like these systems is for future!

In 2016
SipTrunk Awantel Certification from Hardware- and cloud based PBX companies.
Now started sales and distrubution nationwide.