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your way to cheapest to telfephone

you would like to phone and dont want to search permanent new price tarif for aborad. Then are you in right place Awantel to address

You want cheap calls and not keep constantly looking for new tariffs out and fight their way through the jungle of possibilities ? Then you have Awantel exactly to the right place . We do not assign a phone connection, but enable you that you and your employees cheap telephony with Sip telephony can perform . Think mid-conversation not to pay, because you will be amazed at how low this fails in the future .

It does not matter if you are a private customer or a business customer . We offer VOIP solutions , which will delight you . With the Voice Over IP you can use the Sip telephony and us as SIP Provider low with the mobile phone which has Android or an iPhone , an IP phone and phone with the computer soft phone . For small businesses and midsize companies , we also offer Hosted IP PBX solutions to your existing PBX to .

The Sip telephony is an inexpensive alternative to the current telephone listing. If you already calling VOIP based to a router or an application, then the Sip telephony is an absolute must in order to achieve cost control. For an existing telephone system You can take the Sip telephony as particularly favorable second terminal. This then acts as a cost reducer. You decide of each week just for inexpensive Awantel phone tariff. You can for example, cheap calls abroad and as long talk with a business partner or family as you like it.

! If you have a FRITZ! Box, you can immediately start saving and VOIP solutions . Simply log on, configure the existing equipment and call immediately with your existing telephone system more affordable than ever.

There is no need for new hardware cumbersome because our internet connection for Sip telephony is free of charge . With a Sip account and us as SIP Provider you choose to use a less expensive alternative and for a cheap telephony . Of course, you retain your number , and if you like , you can also get new numbers . Technically , we have a connection, which is similar to ISDN or PMX . With a good internet connection and a high-quality voice quality can be achieved and guaranteed .

We SIP Provider promise functionality for SIP-enabled phones, and telephone system n. The functions you can conveniently manage your browser, no matter what you use. You can here, for example, also set up a quick and simple call forwarding and caller display – as with nearly all stationary and mobile devices .

The special additional advantages of the Sip telephony are that you have to pay any monthly fee and it is from your SIP Provider also no minimum volume required. Also, a minimum contract period does not exist in the Sip telephony and you can cancel the daily Sip account. However, we firmly believe that you will not do that, because the savings are quickly detected. Especially for so-called heavy users or business is the Sip telephony an excellent way cheap calls abroad to.

Billing is also minutes based . This puts all calls at a glance. The Sip telephony will inspire you with security . They have quickly set up an account , the devices can be easily configured and the phone can start immediately – in the best voice quality and low cost. Opt for VOIP solutions for your existing telephone system and provide you and your employees the ability to make phone calls , without paying attention to both the rate and costs . The calls are made much more relaxed . low cost calls abroad and the general cheap telephony is at the present time an important point in order to save costs . Work much more economical and thus achieve the best success for your business and your household .